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About Malia


Malia is a place with many aspects that combines splendid beaches, stunning landscapes and charming mountain villages with a touch of traditional charm. Apart from that Malia has also established a reputation of being one of the most dynamic and vibrant places in Crete.


Malia Old Town

Have a walk in Malia's Old Town to absorb a touch of its traditional charm. Especially in the evening, the labyrinth-like alleys and picturesque, flower-filled courtyards give it that little something that makes it appealing and cherished. Have a look inside of one of the small, white-washed, Byzantine churches and their beautiful wall paintings and icons; you’ll be amazed at the refined atmosphere there is inside. For your dining pleasure, experience the culinary Cretan delights or flavours from around the world in one of the inviting taverns. Some of them are located in beautifully restored old Cretan houses that have kept their initial character.


Beaches & Water sports

The beach culture of Malia is of the most developed on the island. With 6km of fine, sandy beaches and access to a gradually deepening sea, it belongs to the area’s most treasured assets. The most frequented and popular beaches are on the central strip of Malia under the watchful eye of the little islet of ‘Aféndi Hristoú’ and its white-washed chapel. From here the beaches gradually get quieter to its east and west. Sports enthusiasts can live it up with the wide array of water sports that are offered like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing and beach volley ball.


Nightlife & Entertainment

When it comes to nightlife and entertainment, the area of Malia is hard to beat. It has gained – with good reason – a reputation of being party destination Number One in the Mediterranean. Malia’s Beach Road is a buzzing enclave of nightlife where the action mainly takes place on the streets. It clusters numerous bars, cafes, pubs and cutting-edge night clubs. The beat goes up after the sun goes down: No face control, no stress, just a good vibe in a cool atmosphere.


Minoan Archaeological site of Malia

Visit the remains of a unique palace that are evidence of the glorious Minoan civilization that flourished here 4,000 years ago and that turned Malia into an important trade and mercantile centre with substantial political and economic power. Set on a flat plain, with a small cove at its mouth and with Mt. Selena rising behind it, it is easy to envisage this seaside palace in its days of glory.




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